Thursday, November 12, 2009


One of my big problems from the dry-no-screw-fit the other day was that I could not suck in the chine logs around BH1 and BH2 enough to easily screw the drywall screws through the ply to hold everything in place. I wrastled and wrastled with it and then the screws pulled out and I almost threw my drill through a window.

Today I put the boat back together for another dry-no-screw-fit again and hemmed and hawed over it with my sister-in-laws husband for an hour or so. We came up with many ideas, like driving eye screws into the chine log and getting a turnbuckle to pull the chines together. Another idea was to join two clamps together underneath the boat and use a block to keep them from sliding forward along the hull... but how to defeat gravity from dragging the clamps down? BEHOLD MY GENIUS:

The above sequence is from starboard to port.

There is definitely a beautiful curve to the bow now that I got it sucked in, the boat looks sublime!

Take note that the boat is resting on three different sized objects so not everything lines up great right now. ALSO my notches in my BH's are too big, except for BH1. Thank goodness for the filling power of epoxy! It's not going to be the neatest boat in the world, but it will work, by Jove!

SO now I'm going to mark where things go, and then precoat the panels with epoxy, and varnish the BH's so I can just drop everything in place and not have to sand upside down, etc.

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  1. Very clever solution to the problem. I think that is a large part of what this boat building is all about. The boat looks great!