Monday, November 23, 2009

Bottom surprise! and limber holes and gaps filled

Today I overturned my bottom after gluing it last night. I was all very nice and neat and did my best and I was welcomed to see the fair bottom of my speed-demon boat with THIS:

HELLO DRAG. A giant glue mess that I will have to sand smooth. Which, if I estimate correctly, will take forever and a half. I shoulda woulda coulda put packaging tape around the seam, but my side panel job came out so neat (probably because I didn't put glue between the panels) that I didn't think I would see this. Also, note the glaring holes from my finishing nails that I used to pin the buttstraps in place. SOB, I went right through the ply. This is very embarrasing, I haven't gone through the ply anywhere where I didn't want to, this is the first time, and I have no idea how I did it. Again, I didn't do it on the side panels, so why now?

In other news, I planed down the new shims that will fill the gap between the bottom and the BH's, and cut/chiselled some limber holes. They look nice and neat from this angle because the ply is on the other side, which is all chipped up. I shoulda woulda coulda dammit scored the ply to get nice smooth cuts first, before going after it with my chisel.

Notice the stringy thing coming out of the limber hole... that's some fabric coming out from IN BETWEEN the layers of the ply! OOOooooooooh, mystery!

You may also notice the cloudy color, that because I've sanded the layer of epoxy there in preparation for bottom being glued on. I've decided to put in mini fillets along the BH's and the bottom for practice and to re-enforce the double seam, one between the bottom and the spacer, and the on between the spacer and the bottom of the BH frame.

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  1. Hey, for not "getting as much done" as you would have liked, you got a LOT done! Good job! Don't wait too long to sand that extra epoxy on the bottom - the longer it cures the more sanding you'll have to do. And be careful not to take too much plywood off around the epoxy.