Monday, February 10, 2014

Sacrilegious publicity! Beware!

AHOY Intrepid Readers!

I'm just going to take a few lines to mention Tom Pamperin's kickstarter project for his book "Jagular Goes Everywhere."

JAGULAR is a Bolger Pirate Racer (WOAH COOL NAME) and she has truly gone everywhere with Tom.

In this picture, Jagular and Tom go swimming together:

This is just a case of one small boat sailor/builder/adventurer (me) putting the word out for another friendly, accessible, and humble small boat sailor/builder/adventurer/author (Tom).


Again, "Jagular Goes Everywhere" (mis)Adventures in a $300 sailboat.

Yes, yes I did contribute.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

IAZ,P and TWO HEARTED wander to Whaleboat Island

Last sailing season, the Dynamic Duo of Destiny got together for a "small boat" trip (as opposed to breaking out Scout) and did a short but wonderful two day trip around mid-Casco Bay.  We huffed out to Whaleboat Island which is managed by the worthy Maine Coast Heritage Trust.

It was two nice days of sailing with a wonderful camp and picnic time.  Straightforward.  If anything, I remembered how nicely the Goat Island Skiff rows compared to the Sea Pearl 21.

I have included a picture below with my new outhaul scheme for those interested.

Cap'n Jon and TWO HEARTED cruising on

Sailing in company.

This is my NEW outhaul arrangement for the loosefooted mainsail.  I love it! Extra line hangs from the higher reef points to accommodate the shorter foot. 

In the harbor on Whaleboat

Meadow camping.

If you don't find a rockwall somewhere in New England, you're doing New England wrong.

Under those clouds on the horizon is Mt Washington and the Presidential Range.  No joke.  We saw it clearly the next morning.  Whaleboat Island has a mountain view.

No comment.  If Cap'n Jon is not camping with you, your camping trip is no good.

We revisited FAMOUS BANGS ISLAND site of many a IAZ,P adventure!  This is the North Beach.

Classic Whaleboat