Sunday, November 22, 2009

Filling gaps b/w BH's and gluing bottom

Today was spent filling in the gaps around the BH's. The first gaps to be filled were the ones in the notches between the chinelog and the BH's... the intrepid reader will remember I cut them too deep laterally. My wonderful wife who proved very adept at filling gaps around the stem went right to work on these notches, filling them with epoxy and shaping them with ply wrapped with packaging tape.

Once that was set, we glued on cedar spacers to fill the gaps between the bottom frame of the BH's and the bottom of the boat, which appeared because my notches in the BH's were too shallow, despite careful measuring. I didn't fool with cutting down the spacers before placing them, I glued them in place and I'll plane them down to match. I wanted to make sure to do the repair correctly rather than eyeball a piece that would look like it fit.

Finally, I glued together the two halves of the bottom. Very self explanatory. Shooting for gluing the bottom on Tuesday.

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