Tuesday, November 17, 2009

More gaps-- between BH's and bottom

Today I planed down the chinelogs to flat, in order to fit the bottom at some point in the near future. Unfortunately for me, something somewhere didn't add up.

When I cut the notches in my BH's, I was very careful to use an actual slice from my chinelog to trace a pattern for the notch. Somehow, my notches were too deep laterally, I have gaps there that need filling. Today I now realize that they are also too shallow vertically... after planing the chinelogs flat, I have a gap between the bottom of the BH's and the chinelog. Take note from BH3:

When I fit the bottom onto the boat, the gap is clear (boat is upside down):

This is especially frustrating because:

1: I measured the notches using an actual piece from the chinelog
2: I was very careful to do my best eye-balling job that the bottom of the ply appeared to meet the bottom of the BH's

In retrospect I should have:

1: After the dry-fit turn the hull upside down to get a good look at what was going on
2: Do a test plane portion to see where a flat chinelog ends up in relation to the BH's

So now I can do one of three things:

1: Fill the gap with loads and loads of epoxy when I put on the bottom
- Risky because I could deform the bottom if I screw too hard placing it into position
2: Fill the gap with a strip of wood that is painstakingly cut and glued into place
-Annoying work, AND it won't match the BH bottom frame
3: Continue to plane down the chinelogs until they match the BH's.
-I lose freeboard AND it could make the boat too wide at the bottom and the pre-cut ply for the bottom won't be able to accomodate the new width.

For all it's worth, here's the boat with the bottom kinda on:

I've just decided that solution #3 is not a good one.

I have now just decided to go with option #2.

Interestingly enough, BH1 came out perfect!... WTF, Over?

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