Monday, October 25, 2010

Clint Chase Messabout and the End of a Spectacular Season

Well intrepid reader, it is time to close out this season.  It's getting cold, the days are getting shorter, and the fresh water is about to become hard.  I needed to have a definite end date to this sailing season, mostly because if I didn't, I'd keep sailing into the early reaches of winter, and I'm sure something would happen that I would regret.  Additionally, the Goat Island Skiff needs some attention, she deserves a de-salting and a rest while the temperatures are still above freezing.

Saturday was the last day, in Portland, in conjunction with Clint Chase Boatbuilder's annual boat-talk and small messabout at the East End.  I am relying on others who took pictures and the video.  All the pictures below can be seen or accessed through this thread at the Wooden Boat Forum.  There are pictures of other boats too, dories, a Pea Pod, and the like.  I took several people for rides, all of whom I think enjoyed it.  I am always happy to share my boat, sailing is awesome, sailing with others is even better!  Many thanks to Jonathan, Gareth, Milo, Dan, Shane, and Clint for cruising with me this afternoon.

You'll notice that I stand a lot sailing this boat.  There is a reason for it.  First, the boat is very spacious in the cockpit and it's large floor is ideal for standing.  Second, my ruptured discs in my back don't like it when I sit for long periods of time.  With this configuration, I get back relief and get to go sailing!  So awesome, and an unintended bonus of the design. The boat is very comfortable for sitting too, so it's kind of a shame.  But sitting on the floor with legs propped on the opposite side as well as the gunwale is all very comfortable.

To the pictures, and some video:

Goat Island Skiff with a Beach Pea

With GISAmateur fan, Jon!  Yes, I have a fan!

Tight Maneuvering around the dock makes for fun sailing!

Heading out with Dan Noyes of Beachcomber-Alpha fame.  I am humbled.

Clint Chase Boatbuilder holds court while I demonstrate the impressive stability of his Deblois Street Dory.

So it was quite the season!  Some 30+ days of sailing, 8 of those were spent overnight cruising, several day-cruises to islands in Casco Bay and  beyond, and lots of lake sailing in beautiful New Hampshire to boot!  My back injury hampered certain adventures that were supposed to happen, but I had other adventures instead.  It was a good season, and I am a happier man for it!

The intrepid reader will be advised to keep an eye on this blog, as I will soon be unveiling another Storer design, as well as addressing end-of-season mechanical issues with the Goat Island Skiff.  There is a laundry list of repairs, cosmetics, and maybe even wholesale additions to the boat.  The season is over, but the passion of boating is not!

Fair winds!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Weekend in Casco Bay

This weekend I shot up to Casco Bay with Al from Brooklyn who has built a stunning Goat Island Skiff in his shop.  He launches it into an East River tributary by unceremoniously dropping it off the sea wall into the water.  The original plan was hopefully for two boats, but Al wasn't able to get the trailer finished in time, so we took mine, which is just as well since Saturday was hot on the heels of a decent sized Nor'Easter we had up here in New England last week.  We got a late start on Saturday, and in confused seas we set out for Little Cheabeague-- not too far away, but with a beautiful sandy beach.  Far enough.

The ride out was exciting, we shipped a lot of water over the bow in the steep seas, and the last half of the journey was characterized by a fast reach to the island.  The ride was wet, and Al did his fare share of bailing.  One tack, all the way.  In all the excitement I left my trusty camera in the one of the watertight buckets that turned out to be... not so watertight.  My camera took a salt bath...

Thankfully, on the return journey we ran into Talisman, a 24' Ostkust.  You can see pictures and read about Talisman Here and Here.

The skipper of Talisman took some pics of us returning to South Portland that afternoon, and, video!

Goat Island Skiff Homeward Bound

Fort Gorges in the Background

Here is I am Zinea, Pterodactylus in all her youtubes glory!

Another exciting weekend of sailing!

Monday, October 11, 2010

VisionQuest/ManQuest2010 counterpart blog post.

My seafaring matey JAYRUM has posted a blog about our manly-man sailing adventure in Casco Bay last month.  I invite the intrepid reader to peruse his text and wonderful photographs about our trip at his blog.

Click here for awesome!

You will not be disappointed, I think!

This is what a hero looks like:

That would be me, for the confused reader.