Monday, May 5, 2014

Small Reach Regatta 2013! Hog Island

I can't wait any longer! I'm already late! The bug has bitten and I am fevered! Fevered I tell you by the madness and the heat in my head and the promise of the atmospheric heat to come, and the delusions, the delusions they invade my dreams!

Intrepid Readers I hereby foist upon you the much-delayed annual report-ahj of the one, the only,

Small Reach Regatta 2013!

[insert crashing cymbals]

Here at Goat Island Skiff Amateur Style and the Sleek Sea Pearl 21 Too (new cumbersome name of blog) the Small Reach is a moment to be savored.  It is, without a doubt, the highlight of our glorious New England Summer (the likes of which the rest of the world envies) because it always contains good times, good sailing, good food and most importantly, absolutely fantastic people.  See SRR 2011 and SRR 2012 for more goodness.  This SRR 2013 features Sea Pearl Scout, instead of my Goat, IAZ,P which stayed at home.

This year, it was held at Hog Island in Muscongus Bay a most worthy destination.  I recommend a trip.

An important note: Some curmudgeonie types will notice the Iron Mizzon (aka Tohatsu 3.5) making it's way to Hog via the stern plate of Scout.  I was pressed (against my will) to be at a wedding on Saturday, which meant I was missing Saturday Lobster-fest, and I had to scoot way back up to my trailer.  I brought the Iron Mizzon along to facilitate my trudge if needed.  Fortunately, I never needed it, and I never started it once, the entire weekend.  Just sayin' guys, just sayin'.


I put in way up-bay on my own the day before the start of the week and I wandered down to Hog over the course of an evening and early morning.  Our first night destination was small Havener Ledge in the more narrow and current prone necks of upper Muscongus Bay.  That evening heavy fog and rain finally rolled in after lurking for hours.

Rowing south in a calm.  Destination is that nub of an island called Havener Ledge.  Note fog bank far down the Bay.

Scout securely tied into a small beach where she will ride out the night.  The fog has set in now.
My new more spacious tent on the only small site on Havener.


Catching the tide, we made our way southbound to Hog Island.  I rowed first, and then a small breeze pushed us down the Bay along with the tide. We were speckled with rain but managed to spot Bald Eagles and in the mist, at a distance, a lone ship with long oars slowly working it's way in the same direction.  Undoubtedly, it was a fellow Small Reacher and soon, we met with Geoff Kerr of Two Daughters Boatworks in Vermont.

About this time, the clouds broke and the sun came out and the Regatta filled in and we did a little sailing and a little hand shaking.  I ended up meeting someone famous, which was just awesome.

Scout in the morning


Sausage Brian and his brandy new Ross Lillistone designed Flint, KEEL BASA! This was the first with a lugsail.  Nice job Brian! First time boatbuilder.

Le Schooner Rose-something-something adding some ambiance.

Funky-Funk-Andrew showed up with a Reuel Parker/Chapelle Cape Cod Oyster Skiff enlarged.
Andrew used to have a Ness Yawl as seen in SRR 2011.
Andrew threw together PHOEBE (classy name) over the winter to tide him over as he builds his next big boat.
Andrew = BoatManly.  See Small Boats 2014 for more.

HISTORIC PHOTO.  I pose here with KEES PRINS who is FAMOUS!
Kees Prins and I did salty sailor type things together which means I am now somewhat FAMOUS TOO.  

CAP'N JON and KEES PRINS!!! Notice how the famous is rubbing off on Cap'n Jon!
The stokage right about this time was absolutely mindblowing.
It's DINNER!  Hog Island staff really put on a good feast for all involved.  (Cap'n Jon)

Boats all rafted up on the main dock.

I was able to anchor Scout in the mooring area which was good, as I planned on sleeping aboard.  This meant figuring out how to get back out to the boat and the dock, but Kees Prins was in a similar predicament as he was there with his boat Fetch, (a Oughtred designed Fulmar with post-mod cabin).  Kees and I arranged a small rowing skiff borrowing schedule which sounds complicated, (because it was) but we figured out how to get there and back with little issues.

The view from my bed. Notice the Caledonia Yawl at 10:00.  That's MOLLY HART owned by Phil, who owned Scout!
At 11:00 is FETCH, where Famous Kees Prins is sleeping.

HISTORIC PHOTO AGAIN! This is me, first night EVAR sleeping aboard my.own.boat.
I've slept aboard before, I've owned boats before, and this is the first time putting the two together.
Absolutely bonkers.  I kept waking up all night and couldn't wipe the poopie-eating grin off my face.  


Today was, well, exciting.  We left Hog en-masse and proceeded north, got confused on our lunch spot, got rectified, found our lunch spot, almost lost a few souls to man-eating mud/oyster bar, and then sailed into a strong wind, beating upwind for hours to make way back to Hog.  I don't have any pictures of The Big Wind because I was busy sailing, reefing, sailing, reefing, checking on others in smaller boats, and sailing.  It was great sailing for Scout, difficult for others, but all in all we made it back no problems.  One guy capsized, but near the dock back at Hog, not during the difficult stuff.

Kees Prins and I rowing back to the dock after I picked him up for breakfast.  Scout's tent is up.
Life is grand. WOW. (Capn' Jon)

Porch time after breakfast.  No one really wants to go sailing.

I double dog dare you.

It's that sneaky Coquina from SRR 2011!

The legendary WOLFISH makes her appearance in the anchorage.
Washington County Peapod

Roger Long designed 22' Yawldory ELYSSA with veteran Clint Chase BoatBuilder  at the helm.

Funky-funk Andrew and his Cape Cod Oyster Skiff

The fleet in a slightly blurry pic that makes it feel like it's 1964. Right?

A Melonseed and a Superseed That Supercedes the Melonseed discuss duck hunting on their way north.

Lunch beach.  Note rescue of poor soul being eaten by the oyster bar.

Most of these people are just happy to be alive and not swallowed whole by the oyster bar.
Little do they know of the travails that await that them.

After The Big Wind, Cap'n Jon and his Phoenix III TWO HEARTED cruise back to Hog with swank.
Scout and me rolling back in to the Hog Island harbor after The Big Wind.
We are tuckered and looking for rest. Note the reef in the sails.
The Iron Mizzen is almost dragging because I lost my more-wedge and the mount slipped a notch.
Otherwise, a proud Sea Pearl 21 photo! (Kees Prins)

Cap'n Jon, Sausage Brian, and myself raft up to congratulate each other on how great we all are.
Scout is the mothership, and is feeling pretty important right about now.


After the excitement of Day One, it was good to get a breather.  Unfortunately, this was my last day at the Small Reach due to my obligations back in the Granite State.  I missed traditional Lobster dinner and the Saturday Sail, so apologies beforehand.  We sailed down to Harbor Island whose owners allows the public day use of the terrain, with big cliffs and forests, and berry fruits.  Please respect the occupants.  It's a great place.

Another great night sleeping aboard.

Little wind but pretty boats. 
I'm drying laundry. (Cap'n Jon)

Tom Jackson and FAR AND AWAY his beautiful Noman's Land boat.

I am pointing to something important and meaningful. (Cap'n Jon)

Previous Scout skipper with MOLLY HART and her crew! YAR!
Working down to Harbor Island.  (Cap'n Jon)
Sneaky Coquina

Yawldory on the beach at Harbor Island.

Ben Fuller's Harrier RANTAN 
Sneaky Coquina again because they are so, so, so pretty!
Scout and Two Hearted being buds.

These are our Dutch friends that we remember from 2011.
 I am giving them a US Yacht Ensign to help forge peace between our countries.
(Cap'n Jon)
Clint Chase, Cap'n Jon and me walking through raspberries to the cliffs on Harbor Island. (Cap'n Jon)

Yours truly napping on a ledge.
It is quite the drop to my left, do not be fooled by this photographic device!
(Cap'n Jon)

Sausage Brian rolling back to Hog in KEEL BASA. (oh, the piggy references!)  I love the look of this boat! Go!
VELLELA VELLELA, SCOUT, and KEEL BASA working north. Go man, go! (Cap'n Jon)

I check out the rocks up close. (Cap'n Jon)

Ness Yawl

The three Sea Pearls decided to round Hog the long way.  Here we are strung out like SHIPS OF THE LINE.

All of us wing-and-wing!

Kees Prins and FETCH!

At this point, I had to exit stage left and work northwards to my trailer.  It was a sad moment for me, but I can't wait, I tell you again, I can't wait for SRR 2014! YES! Bring the fun, bring the people, bring the food and the good times, bring the boats and bring on the sailing!  Yes! 

(Capn' Jon took this epic picture)


  1. It may be an old story to you, but it's a new one to me and I like it. Someday we should swap boats. You go to the Pt. Townsend Wooden Boat Festival and I'll go to the SRR.

    Years ago I went to bird camp on Hog Island. I bet it hasn't changed much (I hope).


  2. HOG is such a great place. Lovely little pocket beaches, quiet trails, great buildings, fantastic staff. Mr. Stephen Kress is still there, who founded the Puffin Project. That man is an AMERICAN HERO. He's devoted his life to making America a more beautiful and diverse place for tomorrow. Way to go!

    Love you blog, glad you are ready for the season. Instead of swapping, we could give each other tours. Much more fun.

    Good winds!

  3. Really enjoyed your photos and humor. One of these days we're going to have to make the long trek to the regatta.

  4. Great pics! Looks like a fun time!