Saturday, October 3, 2009

Second Gluing

I just went back and glued on the side arms to BH1. This time it went much better than the first time. First, I used 1 pump of resin to 1/2 pump of hardener. Again, I tried to put it in a ziploc bag, but the whole thing turned into a mess, and I said screw it. So another pump and a half pump into a yogurt container, and I mixed in enough silica to make it thick like peanut butter, and then I spread it over the plywood with a stick. I took the remaining to coat in the inside of the arms. This time, it was much easier to work with. I'm relatively pleased this time around, but I'm still getting "creep." As in, my side arms are slowing sliding around to where they want to go, not where I set them and want them. I'm not screwing my frames into the BH ply, but maybe I should? There's not real method to the creep, the top and bottom frames crept inward, but my side arms creep outwards. I hover over the entire assembly and readjust as necessary to keep things were I want them. I don't know how else to do it.

What a mess. Again, "mY Fisrt Baot."

I'm definitely saving the transom for last.

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