Saturday, October 3, 2009

Creeping evidence

Here's the starboard side arm where it joins (or is supposed to join) the top frame on BH1. SOB decided to go for a walk after I thought it was going to set in place. How to avoid this?

And this is my new paperweight/epoxy trophy that I just cracked out a yogurt container. At least I got my container back! There are 2 ziploc bags and probably 20 bucks worth of epoxy in there.


  1. How does everything look this morning?

  2. Messy! Maybe I should have laid down some masking tape inside the frames to keep the glue from oozing all over the place. And I forgot to slather up the joints to fill out those areas, so I'll pour some un-thickened epoxy to fill them. Hinsight = 20/20

    At least this will all lead up to the transom being awesome, hopefully!