Monday, October 26, 2009

Moving along

A bunch of small items were taken care of today despite my continued head cold and heavy congestion. Sneezing and coughing and snotting all over my boat was a great experience, really.

Anway, All the BH's are beveled, I notched the top frame on BH3 where the middle 90mm was supposed to have never been applied (room for centerboard case), and I cut and traced out the timber for the stem. I also cut the holes into the BH 2 and 3:

They're still rough, I haven't sanded them smooth or even yet. You may notice I went for the trapezoidal shape on BH2, this was at first done because I was a little nervous doing circles with the jigsaw a la transom. After I did it, I thought, damn, that looks bad. But then I realized that without the curves I can stuff more equipment (picnic basket, wine, beer) in that forward space between BH1 and 2. So I liked that, but then I waffled back to cutting a bigger hole to get curves. At this point my wonderful wife wandered in as I sat perplexed, and she gushed at how imaginative I was for mixing and matching shapes for the holes and how great it looked.

The trapezoid stays, gentlemen.

Up next:

  • Shape and finish the dreaded stem
  • Cut timber and scarf chinelogs
  • Apply re-enforcement on transom for rudder
  • Cut notches on BH's for chinelogs
  • Coat all BH's with epoxy (I may do this later because I'm getting impatient to see the boat)
  • Glue up the sides
  • Touch up with the plane
  • Screw it all together for a dry fit in the garage
  • Freak out as I try to find a warmer place than the garage to put it for the winter so I can work on it.

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