Thursday, August 13, 2009

Lofting bulkheads and transom

Yesterday I lofted the bulkheads and transom, except for bulkhead #4. Everything went smoothly and was straightforward except for a little hiccup with the transom and a previous mismanagement that precluded me from being able to loft #4.

First: The intrepid reader may remember that I did not offset the bottom of the boat to the edge of the ply. Instead of calculating where I could draw the centerline in order to maintain the bottom and the excess 20mm on the ply but abutting the edge, I just drew the centerline right down the middle of the ply to make my life a little easier. This came at the price that bulkhead #4 did not have the sufficient space to be lofted on the remaining ply. I will have to use my bonus extra ply that is available on the last sheet, which means I can't really screw anything else up, because I'll have to get another sheet. At 60 bucks.

Second: The transom needs 7mm at least of extra space along the sides, and 12mm along the bottom. I lofted the transom with the starboard corner at the edge of the ply, which meant that section would not get its 7mm extra. I easily shifted the entire drawing over 1cm. Also, BH # 2 and 3 and the transom offer approximately 5.5cm of extra ply to work with. Careful lofting was paramount. Efficient use of plywood, indeed.

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