Saturday, August 1, 2009

Continued Lofting of side

Swiss National Day!

Today, I successfully "connected the dots" and traced out the outline of the port side. I bought small (4d) nails to mark the dots, and bought two 8' sections of floor trim to use at the "fairing batten" which would be my guide between the dots, as the batten would be clamped to the nails. The floor trim I picked was the cheapest, at $2.98 a piece. I thought this was a brilliant solution, and it WAS, except that I would have gotten a little better performance had I picked a square profile as opposed to the fancier convexed profile... the clamps would slip up the side.

A little bit of sighting down the line is a good idea, even though I TRIPLE checked my points of measurement, there were a few instances where things just didn't line up super smoothly. I interpolated the difference and it made for a very acceptable line.

The final product, seeing one side traced out on the plywood is a great feeling. When I come home from my trip next week, I'm going to rip that side out of the plywood. I won't be able to erase any mistakes then. Bring it.

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