Monday, August 17, 2009

Epoxy purchase

I ordered my epoxy yesterday, and it was a move that was not anticipated. Originally, I was going to drive down to West Marine and pick up all the jazz that I needed for the boat, namely the 2 gallons of epoxy, hardener, glass, glass tape, etc. I quickly jumped online to check the prices and, just for laughs, compare it with the epoxy kit for the GIS that is offered at Duckworks. The math heavily favored the Duckworks kit, even with the shipping costs. I get everything for $275.25, including shipping. If I went to West Marine, the epoxy and hardener alone would be $270. The math was so blatantly obvious that I went with Duckworks, even though I have a heavy allegiance to West Systems, as I've used significant amounts of it on my old Laser (hull #194). So I'm going with a new epoxy, for cheaper, and with the theoretical sign-off by Storer. In essence, this cannot be a bad decision. We'll see!

EDIT: I'm still not home yet, but I got the call: "What are in these boxes that showed up in the garage?" So far, so good. The packages came 4 days after I ordered them. Duckworks is in TX, I'm in NH, so I'm very pleased. I had a note added to the shipping instructions, and Sandra added it to the label. Everything was dropped off as I requested.


  1. holy moley that's a ton of scratch! What r u robbin banks?!

  2. DuckWorks' merchandise is pretty good. Chuck and Sandra are also very responsive to questions.