Saturday, June 26, 2010

Tweaking the rig

I have been sailing twice more.  Both days were beautiful, one was with a good friend, and the other was solo.  I am constantly tweaking the rig and continuing to discuss it here, as I wrestle with sailing this boat solo (she sails great with a crewmember).  She's kind of beating me up, but in a good learning-curve kind of way.  Each time solo, I understand her better, rig her better, underestimate her less, and am having more and more fun.  It's summer, the water is warm, and now is the time to push it, so I can be safe when further from shore or when the weather goes bad.  This is the time to answer the big questions.

Next week will see some changes to the rig, some slight work done, and hopefully a good day with honking wind to experiment with.

No camera on the past two trips.  Too bad too, I had a great picnic anchored below some towering white pines in a nice breeze on a beautiful summer day.  Next time!

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