Sunday, June 13, 2010

The last of the major work

From the last post to Saturday morning (6/12), I have been either at work or home working 9am-1am to get my beautiful Goat Island Skiff ready for launching.  The weather is here, the time is now.  Basically, it's a bunch of small items that needed to be taken care of, like gluing the middle seat on:

This is the last time you'll see the my patented "Forest of Bricks" to hold down the seat during gluing.  I waited to glue this part because I wanted to make the varnishing of the boat underneath the seat easier.  Less bending and contorting to get under the seat, if you get my drift.

Wait, what? Varnish the inside? Yes, I decided to varnish the inside.  Using a roller, 3 coats, light sanding in between the coats.  It went on easy, no problems.  I also put a 4th coat of varnish on the floor mixed with non-skid grit, and it came out really nice.

These taped off areas got the non-skid.  I used the non-skid material for sale at Duckworks, it worked really nice in the varnish.

Another item of critical importance was a trailer.  So I got one.  A new one.  Holy Splurge!

It's a nice trailer.  I repositioned the bunks to perpendicular to the frame so the hull doesn't "hog" around the bunks.

Also, I needed a tiller extension.  Actually, what I needed was rudder hardware, but that's a post in itself.  BEHOLD!  My Battlestick!

I also had to figure out how to rig this thing.  It's a "balanced lug" rig, and I've never sailed one nor rigged one, so that took a few hours to figure out.  It's actually going to take a while to figure out to be honest with you, because there are a bunch of variables.  I just wanted it to be up and viable for a first sail.  Part of the fun is tweaking the rig as you sail along! 

Oh boy!  What next!

There's only one thing left (besides multiple small detail oriented tasks...)

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