Monday, July 2, 2012


I figure it is time to put a face on my Goat Island Skiff.  Today my lovely wife and myself went for a spirited sail on Squam Lake.  I was expected 8kt winds and a leisurely sail and some swimming, instead it was blowing 15 and we did a grand tour of the western side of the lake at high speeds and shipped some water and almost capsized and my wife had fun.

As you will notice, I made some adjustments to the cosmetics of the boat.  That's right mofo's, I dress this girl up, yes I did! (Thanks to CLC and the vinyl sticker department, and a coworker who helped me photoshop the badass FLYING DINOSAUR!!! (fyi Pterodacylus' are not dinosaurs, they are pterosaurs)


Please note "FrankenBoom!"

Additionally, I also added another block of purchase on the downhaul to improve close-hauled performance in higher winds and I dare say it worked!

I added a fiddle block from C+S at Duckworks and moved the becket block to the bottom.  Combined with super burly FrankenBoom, I am Zinea, Pterodactylus is coming into her own!  What took me so damn long!?  (oh wait, money, um, impatience, and a laissez faire attitude (aka lazy)

No camping trips so far, only day trips sailing, but things are in the works, so as always, stay tuned intrepid reader and keep the rum at the ready!


  1. "FrankenBoom"? Surely you jest... looks like a normal hollow-box boom, to be sure! And, what's this? - more purchase on the downhaul? You don't say...


  2. PFF hollow!? Please, that is nothing but solid weightiness! Old boom + new strip across top.

  3. How has your down haul arrangement been working? After looking at your setup I'm thinking of using something very similar for my GIS build.


    Matt (aka surlyone on the storer forums)