Wednesday, May 30, 2012

....And thus begins the Season Three

I AM ZINEA, PTERODACTYLUS, has officially splashed for its third season.

Sail onwards, friends, for there is not a minute to be lost!  Stay tuned, intrepid reader.


  1. Hoorah! Any epics planned? I know you have SRR on the docket. Do tell how your boom revisions feel.

    I swear, I have parts gluing right now as I type--no fooling. Real life has a way of crowding out hobbies and right now I'm feeling the pinch. I have to finish my boat, if only to free up my garage. I don't normally park a car in there because it's just too tight, but it is a major thoroughfare and clutter magnet and having a Goat sucking up almost all of it is wearing thin.

    I'll be building a CLC canoe with my family a this summer's Woodenboat Show (yet another weekend NOT building my Goat). Plus, I'm now crew for my brother's real boat, a Beneteau 331 he picked up last fall (quite an upgrade from his J/24). I hope to drag my Goat behind it to some cool locale. Or we may rendezvous at a point he can sail to and I can trailer to. If I finish building that is...

    I look forward tot he next IAZP installment(s)!

  2. Lookin' mighty fine. Let's paint your gunwales red for fun...

  3. New aesthetic details are in the mail!