Friday, August 20, 2010

Sail modifications

My Goat Island Skiff is now without power, since I sent the sail back to Texas to be modified.

The designer of the boat (Storer) and the sailmaker came to the conclusion that the sail has been mistakenly cut wrong.  This conclusion was reached well over a month ago while I was trying to figure out how to get rid of all those wrinkles in the sail.  See this post.  The foot needs some adjustment, and the throat-head-peak area needs to be a little fuller.  That's OK, things happen, I'm not sweating it, I still managed to get in many exciting days of sailing.  I think I'm around 20 or more now.

Duckworks has been extremely apologetic, prompt, and polite about the whole thing, and the sail should be in Texas now as I type.  I was able to send it back at my convenience, and they accommodated me on my own schedule.  Hopefully it'll be back next week, and the sailing adventures will continue!  Stay tuned!

Too bad, I'm missing out on a great day today!

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