Thursday, August 5, 2010

Hauling Out

I direct you to this thread for Haul-Out techniques and discussion.  The thread does not start at haul out techniques but transitions to it.  Below is my first attempt at hauling out my Goat Island Skiff to a location that will keep her off the rocks, but keep me from swimming in grassy waters or wading up to my waste in mud depending on the tides.  Basically, its a way for a voyaging sailing dinghy to access unfriendly places without undo damage to her hull.

Here I am hauled out at high tide...

...and low tide...

As you can see, I set one anchor, and to it attach a loop of line that will be secured ashore.  The skiff is tied to the loop and can be hauled in.  Again, I strongly encourage the intrepid reader to read the above linked post for more details and minutiae on this theory.

And now some VIDEO!  Goat Island Skiff Amateur Style is hitting the silver utubes screen!  This is really the epitome of dorkiness as this blog, these videos, and myself attest.  I'm a little loud initially near the camera, but then not so loud later, so have your finger on the volume button.  All taken with my little point and click camera.

Haul Out!  The Automaton Goat Island Skiff!

Haul In!


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