Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Specificity ahead

Time for a little cleaning up. I took care of a lot of little items that needed doing.

I went back to the kick-ass guys at Maine Coast Lumber and got hooked up with some more cedar, primarily for the chine logs, so I can just keep moving on assembly. I also picked up extra cedar just in case. This hopefully is my last cedar purchase, the stuff is getting pricey. I also picked up a good piece of cedar for the STEM. I bought many feet so I can have many attempts, this I feel, is going to suck.

I also bought:

pumps for the epoxy, dammit, I forgot with my initial order.

inspection ports for the bulkheads.

the sail, holy cow, I just had to press the buy button and be done with it.

Next up:

finish the top frame on the transom, which is out of Douglas Fir, which meant that I had the wood for it all along in the form of that long fir plank. Then, when the pumps come in I can glue and epoxy this piece all up.

frame the remaining bulkheads

glue together el bottom and el side-os. This will mean chine longs. I found a 17 foot long piece of cedar, but it was a weird dimension that was going to have to be ripped several times to make it the appropriate size. I have decided to scarf two 9 foot sections together. This will keep one side more uniform (less ripping) and it will teach me a new valuable skill. The scarf joint as spied by gimpslayer3000, but with cedar. This is going to be interesting, because it needs to come out tip-top. Sacramento GIS has built a scarfing jig, which is a fascinating idea, but I'm really not interested in that, but it would probably be the best bet for the cleanest scarf. I'm wondering about how precise I can get on my own...

and then at some point... the dreaded STEM.

That's it for now, on the road again. Waiting patiently.

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