Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Bulkhead #1

Tonight I cut the frame for BH1. This was relatively simple, but I took my time, overcut everything, and then rasped/sanded it down to fit. Tomorrow I'll move on to the rest of the BH's. I've decided to prepare all the BH's first, and then glue, so I don't have to keep setting up and taking down my glue station.

I have two rasps. One is a half-round rasp, the other a "combo" rasp, with many different possibilities. I used both. I forgot I even had these nifty tools. I actually sanded down the transom top frame to fit, the rasps would have made the work go much, much quicker with the same precision had I even thought about it. Another notch in the experience belt!

In other news, I came very very close to buying an O'Day 27, to which the GIS would have been tender to. Everything was lined up, including a deposit, and at the last moment, I bagged it for various maintenance reasons on the boat. BOO. I am kind of grinding my teeth but still looking forward to finding something. I've got this image of my mothership anchored in the bay, and I'm swooping into the beach on the GIS with the lug sail full and my knife in my teeth and buxom blondes are running in terror! YEAH!

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