Sunday, July 19, 2009


I finally got myself some wood! I wandered over to Maine Coast Lumber in York, Maine, with a friend of mine. Everyone was exceedingly helpful and friendly though somewhat amused at my virtual ignorance. That's to be expected. I grabbed the Okoume sheets of plywood, which were just shy of sixty bucks a sheet. At 6 sheets, the stuff adds up and the ante is now sufficiently increased to not screw up. The entire purchase amounted to $570.80. This included:

  • 6 sheets of Okoume
  • 63 feet of Western Red Cedar
  • 40 feet of Douglas Fir
  • And an 11 foot Fir plank.

I still have more wood to purchase, specifically the hardwoods for the gunwales and inwales, the blades, and the spars. Some pieces of wood are supposed to be 17' in length. I can't, for the life of me, see where I'm going to get 17 foot long pieces of timber that are already cut to the dimensions needed for the gunwales, as an example. I mentioned this to one of the guys working at the lumberyard, and basically, I'm going to have to get a giant unfinished plank and rip it myself. This is a problem, because I do not have a table-saw and was not anticipating one. The lumberyard said they could rip it, but it was just with a circular saw, and over 17 feet, eh., they didn't seem too stoked on the idea. I'm contemplating perhaps renting one. Regardless, perhaps more interweb research is required to figure this one out. I'm not too keen on ripping 17' strips that are 1.5" wide.

Here's the wood that I have in the hopefully-dry basement of my future in-laws, where I will be building the GIS. This portion of the basement will be used for cutting and prepping. Assembly will happen elsewhere. Somehow, this is going to become a boat.


  1. Oh Jeez you’re in for it now!

    So you need solid boards of 17’ by 1.5’ Holy moly.

    You can get 16’ boards from East Coast Lumber in NH. So, that extra foot you can just er… uh.. fill with glue. An extra foot doesn’t sound like too bad of a request.

    Make a nice scarf joint?

    Why Okoume plywood? What thickness is it?

    What is the purpose of the 63 feet of Western Fir?

    What about the mast and tiller? I bet the tiller will be sweet to work on. You gotta throw a nice braid on it.

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  3. Screwed that one up.

    Joinery is something I was definitely thinking about, we'll have to see. I should be able to find something somewhere, everyone else has them!

    Okoume is a marine plywood. Mine is 5 ply, 6mm thick. Very consistent, fine, beautiful plywood. All that cedar is for the framing, if I remember correctly. I've got all the dimensions and measurements back at home in my plans. I'm on the road so I can't break it down right now.

    The mast is going to be awesome to build. The tiller, we'll see what I decide to do.