Monday, July 20, 2009

A beautiful boat

Maybe I haven't said this enough, or strongly enough, but this is one beautiful boat. The GIS looks graceful, powerful, and ready to rock. I love the lug rig, and I can't wait to sail her. It would behoove the reader to search for pictures of a GIS in full sail. Harbor Woodworks in Oregon has this picture of this beautiful GIS. This is what gets me all worked up about it. I definitely have moments of intimidation, but also moments of sheer determination. If there's anything I love, it's sailing, and if I could sail a boat I built, well, that would be quite awesome.


  1. I watched the youtube videos for Goat Island Skiff boats and here are my impressions. Cons first. Overall I was impressed, but I hate the name with a passion and you're not allowed to disagree.

    - The name is slow and ugly. Really stupifying name. I hate it. See what happened was this dude spent all this time building a beautiful, personable, functional vessel and then dubbed her after a smelly, nigh useless beast. IDIOT MOVE. "Oh, but you see, Goat Island is where she's from!" you protest. Well that's stupid as well. Only battleships get named after locations. On the other hand, it fits with other STUPID storer names such as the PDer.

    - Doesn't appear to be much headroom on tacks and jibes. Which is just fantastic for us tall folk. On the vidoes it can be hard to tell.

    - Too big to cartop. Nitpicky, just tow it because it can't be that heavy.

    - Is this a flatwater boat? No vids / pics / recounts of say, using it in Long Island sound, or even getting hit by a large wake. Not really a con, makes it more exciting. On gusts though you don't have much freeboard, so i'm wondering about the drains..

    - In my opinion, (like all of this), this dude Storer needs to get with the program. Boat designers stopped putting centerboard monstrositys in the middle of the boat fifteen years ago. Nowadays, they are either flush or have a low profile so that crew, if present, don't bust shins. My theory is he just ripped parts of a bluejay and lo, twas designed.

    - Judging from the videos, it handles very well. Quite nimble and so I'd guess it'd be responsive as well. To be honest, I am suprised.

    - Sail quality looked good. Obviously your mileage may vary here.

    - Saw this video with 3 dudes in it, and it was still getting blasted about by gusts. Which is cool. First it can hold 3 dude adults. Second, it wasn't a total goat (teehee) under those conditions.

    - The stay-free mast looks solid.

    Unknown Qualities
    - Righting ability post capsize and propensity to turtle.

    - Ability to self drain.

    - Looks quick. I wonder about top end?

    - Hiking Straps - I'm sure you can mod this.

    Don't forget, my overall impression was very good! It's just more fun to blast it on it's faults. You know, the same way everything is graded. Good luck with the solid board finding, maybe if you post the exact dims you require I or others may be of more assitance there.

  2. Ha!

    First, the name is AWESOME. I happen to love Goats. I'm partly from Switzerland, remember? I even have a book called, "Raising Milk Goats, the Modern Way". I think goats are the future. Not to mention the fact that goats are Bad-Ass. Methinks you're intimidated.

    Second, the boat is a skiff, therefor, flat bottom, with limitations. Once heeled though, I have a feeling it will slice through the water.

    Third, freeboard is almost 2 feet, check out other pictures. It sits very tall and can go far without dunking. The cat-type location of the mast will also make it weathervane into the wind if it starts to go real far, I reckon. Kinda like the Beetle Cat I'm sailing in that pic.

    It does not self drain. There's a capsize video out there. Not worried about hiking.

    It is large to cartop, and my new car won't support it anyway. So I'm getting a small trailer.

    I don't mind the centerboard case. I'm building this boat, see, and this keeps things simple and robust.