Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Michalak Jonsboat

This is a decidedly non-Goat Island Skiff post.  

My friend Peteloaf, who did a wonderful job building a Mik Storer Eureka (see this post on the Storer forum) is now building a Michalak Jonsboat for himself and his family.  So far, so good.  The boat is built with meranti ply from Goose Bay Lumber, ash, and pine.  Epoxy is being used for the buttstraps and other very critical components, otherwise the PL Premium is being used throughout the boat.  

Here are some pictures.

The boat is actually quite large.  Much larger than I ever thought from looking at pictures.  There is a lot of room.  The main salon in the middle is over 6' long.  It is wide.  It is awesome.  It will easily take dogs, children, and adults, at the same notice.  Notice Storer-inspired inwale.

Looking good!

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