Saturday, November 12, 2011

End of the 2011 Season?

Boooooooo.  I think my sailing for 2011 will be over in my Goat Island Skiff.  I definitely did not do many things I wanted to do this year, such as another camping trip in Casco Bay and a little more sailing.  Like last year, I did sail significantly more than I blogged about-- I'm not going to write about every outing, but there was less total epicness as last year.  Lack of work kept me more homebound.  I was just trying to save my $$$ the most possible and had a tough time justifying the gasoline expense.

However, I had a great time up at the Small Reach Regatta and my bro and I had a great trip on his Aquarius 23, as described in the two posts below.  It was decidedly a non Goat Island Skiff trip, and hence an aberration to this blog, but hopefully something you enjoyed.

Stay tuned, I'm really hoping to actually build a permanent boom for her this winter.  Really.  Honest.  

Fair winds, intrepid readers!


  1. I love how you have a question mark in the title! It leaves just enough room for us to wonder...

    I, for one, believe the BroVenture installments were classic GISAS posts, not at all aberrant. I'll bet you could take the QC for a quick spin and come back with a worthy tale.

    What are your boom plans? Box section a la BobWes? Are thinking of going loose footed? I know it took you awhile to dial in your sail. Do you think the new boom will solve some of those issues?

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed for your economics in the selfish hope that you can make it to Mystic next year. I'll either be there with my family building a canoe for my dad, or I'll be displaying my Goat. One way or another, I plan to attend again.

    Be sure to post up on the Storer Forum any interesting boom building activities...


  2. After two seasons on my temporary spars, I think I should upgrade. I have been loosefooted on the sail since almost the beginning and it has worked out great, except my boom is a little too flexy for it and when I crank on the outhaul, the boom takes up a curve. I am hoping a stiffer BobWes-like box boom will take care of that. I may/may not leave the spar. It's flexy too, but with the camp cruising I've done, it's good to spill the extra wind a little sooner. There's nothing like capsizing into the North Atlantic off the coast of Maine to give me some pause.

    Thanks for the kind words and I will keep the collective posted!