Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Isles of Shoals again!

Another blast out to Isles of Shoals for my Goat Island Skiff!

The intrepid reader will remember last year's trip.  That trip was C-R-A-Z-Y with a roaring tailwind J-Pirate and myself hung on for dear life and made it the Isles in about an hour, and that included non-direct route a pansy-jibe (the 270 deg. tack).  The way back was 3 hours in pounding waves.  I went a second time with L-Man, and it took 3 hrs to get out there in fickle winds and a strong current, and about 1.5 hrs back.

Well, the other day L-Man and myself went out there in about 1.5hrs!  He felt better about all this Isles of Shoals stuff.  Epic snorkeling ensued.  The water was amazing.

I put two similar pictures because the water color was so awesome.  L-Man took some video!  Effing right, youTubes videos, Amateur Style continues to push the edges of technology!

You have to click on the link because I couldn't embed it.

The way back.... L-Man not so happy.  With a screwed up current and strong winds from the same direction, FOUR HOURS to get back to the harbor with a stint of slow rowing.  Dismal, after a while.  I would like, for once to get there and back without some long slog.  SIGH  So beautiful, but we pay the price.

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  1. Christophe, this looks so great. Wanted more video. (I don't always).