Monday, October 11, 2010

VisionQuest/ManQuest2010 counterpart blog post.

My seafaring matey JAYRUM has posted a blog about our manly-man sailing adventure in Casco Bay last month.  I invite the intrepid reader to peruse his text and wonderful photographs about our trip at his blog.

Click here for awesome!

You will not be disappointed, I think!

This is what a hero looks like:

That would be me, for the confused reader.


  1. Damn that is cool.

    Was this just outside Jewell...looks like you're in the Punchbowl?

    Man, this gets me psyched to go GIS-ing next season.

  2. Jewell, Punchbowl side of the island, but on the opposing side of the beach on the NE end that makes the bowl... where you would pull into with a boat to visit the Punchbowl on a low tide. It makes for a nice harbor when the tide is out, but then it comes up over the breakwater, and it isn't too suitable for a small boat. I tucked it in closer to the rocks to try to protect the boat--really it should just get dragged up on the beach above the high water mark, which can be a chore when one shows up at low tide. She got smashed up pretty good from the swells, I wasn't too happy about the situation, and the stern anchor kept dragging. Hence the next night was spent in Cocktail Cove with a haul out.

    We'll get the armada out. Can't wait.

  3. We need to get you set up with some nice GIS oars! I may be able to supply nice oarmaking kits once I test out the new approach on the lathe.

  4. I haven't been around in a while, and thought I would stop in. I really enjoyed those photos. Looks like you had a blast!