Saturday, April 3, 2010

Epoxy coating the interior, and more turtles.

Today I took advantage of some free time and some of the most glorious weather you can imagine in beautiful New England this time of year!

Drum roll please.......

I epoxy coated the interior of my Goat Island Skiff! Yeah!

This is big for two reasons:  One, I wasn't looking forward to it, Two, my back has been in such a state that I haven't physically been able to do it.  Being able to reach down in there and coat up the inside was a real good feeling, lemme tell you!  I was stoked.  Again, physical therapy = awesome.

So, coating the interior is much like the exterior.  It came out very neat, too.  I am pleased with the result.  Here's a romantic picture of her in the sunset, just her and me:


 She looks good.  So far, I've done two coats of epoxy.  I'm supposed to do three, which I did on the exterior, but I feel like two is good enough especially since it's not going to be saturated in water.  Not to mention it's going to be covered in two coats of primer and two coats of paint.  I should be ok.  Maybe I will do three layers on the bottom and chinelogs...

That all being said, I want to point out again how she can ride on her side when turning her over:

This is HUGE.  To those who have extensive dinghy experience, you all know exactly what I'm talking about:  Turn the boat over, get it on a side, attempt to balance it on the gunwale, fail, catch the boat, wrestle around one of the ends in an attempt to get to the other side, fail, watch boat fall to ground in a random direction, wince at possible damage, etc etc etc.  It sucks.  This baby, she rests on her side.  You can walk away.  Drink a beer.  Pick your nose.  Go on vacation.  She will sit, on her side, patiently.  Awesome.

Finally, I caught a Painted Turtle today.  This is a quite common turtle on the North American continent, and not as big or as long lived as the Blanding's Turtle that I found a few days ago.  What's neat about this one is that I've been trying to catch one for a year.  Now, that doesn't mean I'm out everyday like it's my job, but many attempts and sneaky approaches have been tried, to no avail.  Catching this guy, while swimming, is a minor coup for you know who.  Me.  Quite beautiful.  Hissed at me when I picked it out of the water.  I put it back where I found it, and I hope it forgives me.

A little grumpy.  


  1. Christophe, I use google alerts as a marketing tool in my business and this blog is always getting picked up by Google. Good job! I look forward to sailing with you. I start making masts and spars as soon as this spruce is dry...hopefully only a week of drying -- depends on the weather!

  2. Great! Looking forward to making my spars too, they are the last components.

    We'll sail this summer, definitely. I also have a super-duper-secret trip in the works that will test the GIS pretty good I think.

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