Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Rudder stock design, rudder #2, daggerboard shaping


Informative day today as I peddled my rudder stock idea over at Mr. Storer's forum.

There was enough persuasion action going to keep me going with the plans in term of a backless rudder stock with a daggerboard rudder.  However, I really want to be able to ditch the tiller and leave the rudder installed on the transom.

I came up with this idea:

In this plan, the rudder stock stays exactly as the plans stipulate, except I add on 15mm at the top.  This provides an area to attach a cleat (blue).  Then there's another below it (blue) and the tiller-- which is two pieced-- cradles the rudder stock.  Bolts run through the cleats into the spacer, and the tiller which slides between the cleats is held in place with a pin.

Storer warns that the torsional forces on the tiller could tear it apart, I'm hoping that between the three cleats bolted through the spacer, and a bolt higher up on the tiller (not shown) to keep it together, I should be ok.  Time will tell.  I am almost positive this is the model I'm going with, unless I get overwhelming evidence otherwise.

In other news, I finished rough shaping the rudder and daggerboard. 



  1. Could you not just push the tiller to the side when sleeping on board?

  2. Anon: I could, and this has been mentioned by the Designer himself, but I really just want to be able to remove the tiller. Maybe it's a silly request, but it's something I want-- hence the struggle to find a solution. If I don't find a good, strong, simple solution, well back to the original plans.