Thursday, February 4, 2010

Screwing around with the timer on my camera

I'm in the process of gluing the forward seat into place. This will seal the forward water-tight compartment. I have epoxy-sealed the compartment, now I just need to glue the seat down. In a final fitting session, I cut open the hole for the mast and the inspection port. However, I noticed that I needed to push down on the starboard side in order to make contact with the seat cleat. I thought I had everything pretty level but apparently not. It's not much, but to be sure I took pictures from inside the compartment with the seat in place, using the automatic timer on my computer. These were taken before I epoxy sealed the ply.

The bow, notice the faint shadow smudge on the starboard side:

More pronounced in the aft section of the tank:

Nice fit on the port side:

Anyway, neat idea to see what was going on in there. It's not perfect, but close enough. I also slightly angled the seat cleats up from the BH's to the stem in order to facilitate draining so water didn't pool up front, so that may have skewed some things a small amount.

No glue yet, just still fitting and getting ready.

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