Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Seats fitted

The seats are all fitted to the boat. The glue is cured on the supports, the vertical supports have been cut to fit (they will be glued next session) and the seats are in place. The side-arms for BH2 and 4 are cut and ready to be glued. The knees are cut and almost finished. Inwale spacers are cut, the inwales need to be scarfed and they'll be ready too. Things are moving.

Here's a great example why you want to diagram out the dimensions of the front seat per the plans, and then trace something to what you've actually got in the boat before you cut:

Unless you're a very gifted woodworker, of which there are many out there (this is an AMATEUR BLOG, remember?) tracing will be beneficial. The dark black lines are per the plans for the GIS. What you see is what my front seat ended up being to fit in the bow. A little wider up front, very close in the middle, and then wide again in the rear. I've got a few ideas how this came about, but I'm glad I didn't just cut and then try to fit it only to find huge gaps both in the boat and in my wallet as I shelled out 60 bucks for another sheet of ply. This is not a big deal in the end, it's truly a slight variation of shape up front, and so it goes.

Here's a few exposures of my beautiful craft as she comes together. Looking good!

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  1. Looking Good! We are working some of the same items at the same time! Hope mine looks as good as yours.